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By basing content strategy in clear goals and data-driven insights, May Street creates incredibly effective strategy and content for schools of all sizes.

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Education Content Strategy

By taking the goals of all departments -Admissions, Communication, Education, etc. - into account at once, we're able to create a cohesive and efficient content strategy.

Content Production

Our in-house and partner talent work to create exceptional content, using insight-driven creative decisions and decades of experience in all our mediums.

Creative Analytics

We use proven data analytics to use the content we create to gather important insights about your audience, thereby improving future content.

A full suite.

May Street provides a full suite of education services for all major departments.

Full-Service Social Media
Social is important. We all know that. But we also know the time it takes to create posts that look amazing, create engagement, and work towards your goals, and to do so every single day. We're here to take care of all of that for you. Learn more >
Film Production
Our film production team will provide you with full-service video content to distribute across all media platforms. Starting with the production itself, we'll craft compelling content that elicits an actionable response from your audience. Learn More >
Selected Services

Content for every department.

Social Media

Putting together an in-house social media team is timely and costly. At May Street, we offer full-service social media services to meet all of your digital marketing needs at once. From generating professional photos and videos to monthly analytics reports, we'll take care of it all — so you don't have to.

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Fundraising Campaings

With years of experience developing fundraising campaigns for schools of all types, we're well-versed in the strategies that work and those that should be avoided. Our team of experts will collaborate to determine which methods will garner the most support for your school.

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