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Fundraising Campaigns

With years of experience developing fundraising campaigns for schools of all types, we're well-versed in the strategies that work and those that should be avoided. Our team of experts will collaborate to determine which methods will garner the most support for your school.

Effective Advertising

Data-Driven Strategy

Fundraising requires an investment of both time and money, so it's important to maximize the impact of every event. At May Street, we use a data-driven strategy to inform us of the best campaign tactics. We also utilize a wide breadth of mediums to reach the biggest audience and make each campaign as successful as possible.

Social Media
Television & Radio
Print Media

Generate Excitement

Our fundraising campaigns generate excitement for your school and its potential. With our content and distribution plans, we'll elicit a strong emotional response in your audience that will maximize the donations and gifts you receive.

For schools of all sizes.

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