We beat freelance rates for photo and video services — without compromising quality. Instead, we opt for a small group of specialized photographers and videographers with extensive education experience. Thanks to our advanced scheduling software and optional school-year contracts, our team stays on-call without over-the-top rates.

photography FEATURES

Professional photography on a recurring basis.

We pair our talented group of local photo/videographers with monthly agreements and proprietary online scheduling software and offer on-call photo/video at a reduced rate.

Quick Turnarounds

We understand your team may need photos from the morning in their inbox by the afternoon for an important post.

On-Call Photographers

Our optional minimum request notice is 2 hours. Meaning you can book photographers for spur-of-the moments.

Flexible Commitments

Our month-to-month plans are flexible, and may be adjusted at any time.

Consistent quality.

Whether you're looking for your next social media post or the perfect cover for your next admissions mailer, our team of talented photographers is at the ready. Plus, our creative teams are standing by to provide editing services and design advice at a moment's notice.

For schools of all sizes.

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